5 Ton 16 Seer Ac Unit Price

5 Ton 16 Seer Ac Unit PriceIf you run a 3-ton AC for 8 hours, you will use anywhere from 11. How Much Does Daikin Air Conditioning Cost? (2023 Guide). Rheem RA1642AJ1NA - Classic 3 1/2 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz. *The majority of systems installed prior to 2006 are 10 SEER or lower. 0 tons (18K BTU or 24K BTU) depending on model to 5. For a 1,600 square foot home you would most likely need a 2. Top-quality, Rheem products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service. Rheem® has it covered with the finest air conditioners in the business—top-quality, innovative cooling solutions with the latest technology and dependable performance—all backed by great warranties and. Call 888-286-0211 For Best Pricing. Are the savings and reliability worth the extra cost? I live in Tampa, FL, so highs in the high 80's and humid in the summer, high 60's-low 70's in the winter. 15-16 SEER: $3,420: High Efficiency: 17-18 SEER: $4,650: High Efficiency: SEER Rating Unit …. VEXUNGA 5uF 370/440VAC 50/60Hz CBB65 CBB65A Oval Run Start Capacitor 5 MFD 370V/440V Air Conditioner Capacitors for AC Unit Fan Motor Start or Pool Pump or Air Condenser Straight Cool 5 Ton 16 Seer Rheem/Ruud Air Conditioning System (AC only) RA1660AJ1NA - RH1T6024STANJA Found a lower …. 14 SEER vs 16 SEER Energy Savings + Cost Difference (Calculator). The cost of replacement for an air conditioner in a residential home can range between $4,350-$12,095. This is a 16 SEER Air Conditioner system. It also slowly ramps its speed up for quiet operation and enhanced customer satisfaction. 5 to 4 Ton 16 SEER ACiQ Variable Speed Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Split System w/ Extreme Heat. 5 SEER, making it roughly 12% more efficient than standard 14 SEER units, saving you money in electric bills over the entire lifetime of your unit. Model: PVA-A42AA7 / PUZ-HA42NKA / MHK2. 15 Best 5 Ton Ac Unit of 2023. Coils tested at the factory with extensive refrigerant leak checks. The duration of warranty coverage in Texas and Florida differs in some cases. Ion™ 16 Central Air Conditioner. Heat Pump - XR16 Heat Pump - Trane® We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. 5 Tons: 18,000 BTU: $1,986: 2 Tons: 24,000 BTU: $2,117: 2. 15 – 16 SEER: $1,950: $4,270: Trane XR16 or XB16: 16 SEER: $2,190: $4,490: Trane XL16i: 16 – 17 SEER: $2,200: $4,690: Trane XR17:. All three models also feature an HSPF rating of 10 or higher and either 16 SEER (SkyAir) or 18 SEER you need 20 BTUs per square foot of home. SEER Rating: This is the seasonal energy efficiency rating. Always energy smart, always comfortable. Our heating and cooling products are designed to take on the toughest conditions with proven performance. There are four main AC types: Central air conditioners. 5 ton central AC use? The chart tells us that a 2. Serving Houston, we used a baseline of a standard efficiency 2. A 17 SEER AC unit is considered high-efficiency and good for those living in slightly warmer-than-average climates. Another rating to note is the measurement of the size capacity of the unit. When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, an appropriately sized air conditioning unit is crucial. 5 SEER: $2,900 to $4,400: Based on size alone, a home of this size would need a 4-5 ton unit, usually costing between $5,000 and $7,000. Portable, Room, & Window AC Units. DIY eTips Included - Compatible with 3. It’s quiet and durable while delivering top-tier performance. The unit has a rating of 16 SEER. 13 SEER efficiency rating means you can save on utility bills, compared to an older or less efficient unit. We see that (under these conditions) opting for 16 SEER unit over 14 SEER unit will save us $64. We compare against a 10 SEER unit because that was the minimum allowed rating up to 2006. 9 thoughts on “Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2023”. In other words, if you’re replacing an older, less-efficient HVAC, you could see a significant decrease in your energy bills with a 14 SEER unit. When accumulated for years, this thirteen percent savings on energy saves a lot of power and bills in the unit's lifetime. Lennox Elite EL16XC1, EL16XC1-060-230, 5 Ton, Up to 17. The main factors affecting cost are the size of the ac unit, the efficiency rating (SEER), and the age and overall condition of the HVAC system. York 5 Ton 16 Seer Air Conditioning System Model: YCG60B21S - AE60DX21 $6,158. The GSX16 series is being replaced by the GSXH5 Series condensers. Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner. Cooling Efficiency Up to 19 SEER2 / 13 EER2. Rheem / Ruud 5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner Condenser. High-efficiency comfort and peaceful operation come neatly compacted in Lennox’ new 16 SEER LRP16GX60-126VP packaged unit. Goodman 4 TON 16 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX160481 AVPTC61D14) Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner GSX140361. R-410A is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. 5-Ton 18000-BTU 16-Seer Upflow Central Air Conditioner. For the purpose of this price list of leading central air conditioner brands, we used a baseline of a standard efficiency 2. MODEL INSTALLED COST EFFICIENCY RATING; Trane XR14: $3,400-5,400: 16 SEER: Trane XR16: $4,000-6,400: 17 SEER: Trane XR17: $4,800-7,600: 18 SEER: Trane air conditioner prices are higher than most, …. Indoor air quality accessories available. Daikin offers a good SEER range, including standard-efficiency models with SEERs as low as 14. 5 ton and 5 ton 16 SEER condensers for downstairs and upstairs heating/cooling. Lennox LRP16HP Packaged Unit. This item: Goodman 2 Ton 14 Seer Air Conditioner GSX140241. 5 Ton 42000 BTU Single Stage 4TWR6042H1000A unit is a 16 SEER outdoor split system heat pump with Features of Trane 3. Narrow footprint and stackable unit is ideal for zero lot line installations; Up to 16 SEER; York Central Air …. At up to 22 SEER, and fully communicating with the iComfort® thermostat platform, the XC20-060-230 is an outstanding value. 14 SEER CONDENSER; 16-18 SEER CONDENSER; 5 Ton Goodman 16 SEER, 15. * Based on 16 SEER AC and average yearly cooling hours in the U. In short, 20 SEER AC unit is 43% more energy-efficient than 14 SEER AC unit. Model: RA1430AJ1NB enhancing the efficiency rating of your outdoor air conditioning unit. Your Amana brand ASX16 Air Conditioner offers up to 16 SEER energy efficiency performance. This project’s low cost is $4,000 for a 3. York 4 Ton 16 Seer LX Series Two. When properly anchored, meets the 2017 Florida Building Code unit integrity requirements for hurricane-type. First, we are going to calculate the yearly electric use of each AC. To provide more optimized cooling and heating matchups in vital air conditioning regions like Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, Carrier is introducing new 16 SEER/13 EER air conditioners in the 1. Our dual fuel packaged heating and cooling product allows you to switch between electric and gas heating for additional energy savings and delivers quiet, year-round comfort that you control. 5 SEER 60000 BTU Single Stage 1/3 HP Air Conditioner A4AC4060A1000A. 5 Ton 14 SEER R-410A Residential Split System Central Air Conditioning System. The EL16XC1 air conditioner is built to perform and save energy. Goodman 5 Ton 14 Seer Air Conditioning System with Multi Position Air. Type, Cost (Includes Installation). 5: 18,000: $2,500 – $4,500: 2: 24,000: $3,100 – $5,100: 3: 36,000: $3,400 – $ The price to install a 14 SEER AC unit is between $3,000 …. and Night Air Conditioner Pricing Guide. It’s especially recommended if your furnace is over 15 years old. VEXUNGA 5uF 370/440VAC 50/60Hz CBB65 CBB65A Oval Run Start Capacitor 5 MFD 370V/440V Air Conditioner Capacitors for AC Unit Fan Motor Start or Pool Pump or Air Condenser Straight Cool 5 Ton 16 Seer Rheem/Ruud Air Conditioning System (AC only) RA1660AJ1NA - RH1T6024STANJA. Fixing or changing the ductwork to accommodate the AC system can add as much as $3,000 …. New Ducane (by Lennox International) 3. See the chart below if you don’t know how many tons your unit is but you do know BTUs. Accessories such as linesets, thermostats, outdoor sensors, etc, Sold Separately. Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency equates to cost savings. 16 SEER AC: Which Is Best for You?. Trane Air Conditioners Prices. Rheem RA1648AJ1NA - Classic 4 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz. 5 dBs, 16 SEER Two-Stage Air Conditioner G Series. Your total cost to replace an air conditioner will depend on the size in tons of the air conditioning system needed for your home and the SEER energy efficiency rating wanted. How Much Does a Central AC Unit Cost to Install?. One of these items ships sooner than the other. 5 ton and never worked quite right. The 14 Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2023. The FSA1BG is a premium air conditioning unit that offers cost-effective cooling. Carrier Air Conditioner Prices Guide. Central Air Conditioner Prices. The cost of a 4 ton central AC is closer to $7,100. Learn more about the Gold 16 Air Conditioner, with an 16. A 16 SEER air conditioner would cost me $209 to run, a $49 savings. Lennox 16ACX Air Conditioner. York Air Conditioners: Compare Models. That may seem like a wide range, but it reflects the equally wide range of variables and choices available to a homeowner that we discussed earlier. 0 Ton: SEER: 17: Cooling Btu: 60,000: Cooling Stage(s) 2: Compressor Stage: Two: Indoor Unit Depth (Inches) 21 7/16: Parts Warranty (Years) 10: Compressor Warranty (Years) 10: AHRI Certificate #. Our HVAC reviews contain accurate. Operation Single-Stage Operation. It delivers ultra-quiet comfort and the convenience of remote access when purchased with the Ion System Control. 5 is lower than some competitor Heil 19 SEER 4 Ton AC & 125,000 BTU Furnice w/Observer Thermostat $9,050. LIVO 12,000 BTU 1 Ton 16 SEER Smart Home Wi-Fi Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump - 115V/60Hz. 5 SEER: $2,900 to $4,400: DX4SE: from 14. What Is A Good SEER Rating For An Air Conditioner? (Calculator). 20 SEER2, 208-230 VAC 1 Ph 60Hz Single-Stage Air Conditioner. 5 ton Platinum ZM air conditioner package: $4,839. Note – Other exterior factors can also influence the price; Based on national average. The Goodman GSX160421 Air Conditioner Condenser uses the chlorine-free refrigerant R-410A to help prevent damage to the Ozone Layer. Most homes need between 2- and 5-ton units, depending on their square footage and design. Amana Central AC Unit Prices | 2022 Updated Buying Guide. A part of the manufacturer Rheem, Ruud offers affordable full-size AC units. At Green Leaf Air, we have the right people, the right equipment and the right materials that are vital for proper air duct cleaning and other HVAC services. AC Unit Square Footage: How Much Space Do 1. 00 All Other States SEER2 Model Upgrade (Condenser & Air Handler). 3 SEER2 Air Conditioner Unit with Energy-Efficient Single-Stage, Scroll Compressor and Single-Speed PSC Condenser Fan Motor GSXN406010 - Includes …. The same internal parts are used; the units are made in the same factories. 3 SEER2 Air Conditioner Unit with Energy-Efficient Single-Stage, Scroll Compressor and Single-Speed PSC Condenser Fan Motor GSXN406010 - Includes Thermostat. The unit with the top rating is one of the most efficient ACs made today. Amana provides 8 different central air conditioners series ranging in efficiency rating from 14 SEER to 24. The ACiQ NXA630GKA AC-only condenser is designed with a superior efficiency that also balances comfort and durability. 2 SEER2 AC: Which Is Best for My Phoenix Home?. All Carrier AC units in the table below were factored with the most common home central ac size of 2. It may even help you qualify for energy rebates. There are quite a few different air conditioning models offered by Carrier. ; Step 4 – New AC SEER Rating: If you want to see what the energy savings from a more efficient AC system would be, select a New …. Humidity Control Pairing your air conditioner with a variable-speed furnace or air handler allows you to continuously maintain a slow circulation of air throughout your home, decreasing the amount of humidity in your home for improved. 5 Ton 16 Seer Ruud Air Conditioning System. 4 ton Silver SI+ gas pack: $4,329. The Goodman GSX16 is a high-performance air conditioner that delivers superior cooling efficiency and reliable operation. 5 Compressor Type: Variable-speed Sound Level (As Low As): 51 decibels Silencer System II Design: Yes Compressor Sound Blanket: Yes 1. Goodman 5 Ton 18 SEER Air Conditioner DSXC180601. Assuming the electricity cost to be $0. 5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner Condenser w/ R410A Refrigerant GSX160421 has been discontinued. June 15, 2023 Split system air conditioners and heat pumps (excluding ductless systems) must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet ENERGY STAR criteria. 5 ton Carrier Infinity 50XL AC packaged unit: $4,649. Get free shipping on qualified 3 Central Air Conditioners products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Heating, Venting & Cooling Department. We have a large selection of air conditioning units with energy efficiency benefits. For most 5-ton air conditioners, 6,000 W power generators will be more than enough. That’s $4,500 in 10 years, and $9,000 in 20 years. 5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner GSX140301 Goodman 18 SEER 5 Tons R-410A Air Conditioner with Split System - Integrated Communicating ComfortBridge Tech, 208/230 V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz - GSXC180601. 5 ton: 600 - 1000: $3,106: $1,082: 2 ton: 1000 - 1300: $3,315: $1,175: 2. com’s impressive selection of complete 410a Air Conditioner Split Systems including 13 through 19 SEER models. Lennox, Merit, Gas/Electric Residential Packaged Unit, 5 Ton, 16 SEER. Simply put, communications technology that is typically located in a thermostat was moved from the wall and securely placed into the HVAC equipment! At Goodman, we believe in American dependability. 0 Ton: SEER: 16: Cooling Btu: 36,000: Cooling Stage(s) 1: Compressor Stage Indoor Unit Depth (Inches) 21 11/16: Parts Warranty (Years) 10: Compressor Warranty (Years) contractors and builders the best wholesale prices on air conditioning equipment, parts and accessories anywhere online! …. That may not sound like a large amount of money. In general, if you are looking for a more efficient unit, and looking to save on your utility bills, then go with the highest SEER rated unit that you can. 5 ton: 600 - 1000 sf: $990: $3,130: 2 ton: How to Get the Best Armstrong Air Conditioner Prices? Firstly, When you looking for the best deals for …. We’ve assumed an average cost of $0. However, keep in mind that higher efficiency systems tend to have higher central air conditioner prices for the unit and installation. The two-ton unit has an 81% AFUE gas package, while 2. 2 Ton 18 SEER Two Stage Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser. Considered a high-efficiency, 16 SEER is around 12% more efficient than a 14 SEER system, saving you a lot of money in energy bills. 5 HSPF rating making it easily the most efficient low-end unit on the market. If you include installation costs, it comes to $3,560. How to Select the Right Carrier AC Unit for Your Home. 00 5 Ton 13 SEER ACiQ Air Conditioner …. Carrier air conditioner cost is among the highest of any brand. csv; AC Unit Model SEER Rating Avg. Whereas the Performance 17 is a two-stage air conditioner, the Infinity model has an even more advanced multi-stage compressor. However, consider that the lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10-15 years. The Goodman 4 Ton 14 Seer 120,000 Btu 80% Afue Gas System GSX140481 - CAPF4860D6 - G includes an energy-efficient compressor, evaporator coils designed for use with Goodman gas furnaces, and a modular, two-piece blower. The XR14 is ENERGY STAR ® qualified with a SEER2 rating of up to 14. Check out these great locations and get an idea of where to buy the perfect Coleman furnace or Coleman AC units to suit your l. Most cost efficient option is a new 16 SEER central AC. Furnaces range from about 40,000 BTU to 130,000 BTU. Click or call 888-474-9966 to save big on our wide selection of 5. 5 SEER Performance by Amana. The percent compares the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) of the old and new units. Replacing an air conditioner and installing a new one can be very different in terms of price due to ductwork. Limited efficiency: Models are 13, 14 and 16 SEER. Choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home can make a significant difference in your comfort during those hot summer months. Maytag M1200 Series 16 SEER Air Conditioner Price. The ASX16 is no exception, with its durability, reliability, and one of the highest efficiencies available. 5 Ton 16 SEER Goodman Air Conditioner Standard Split System. 5 SEER Goodman Variable Speed Two Stage Air Conditioner …. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. The energy-efficient GSXC18 AC by Goodman has Up to 19 SEER Performance. We’ll be using 3-ton air conditioners as our example, as they are a popular size in Arizona. 5 ton Bryant air conditioner which would cost. Example: How much electricity does a 2. Bryant has 17 different air conditioners spread across 3 distinct series. See below for a list of other HVAC brand prices. 2 SEER2: $3,200 to $4,800: DX14SA: 15. 5 ton central AC uses 1350 kWh of electricity, and 2475 kWh per year. However, the long-term reliability of these units is unknown. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Built tough and 100% tested, this gets the job done. In addition, a number of Lennox air conditioners work. How to Save Money on Your AC Repair with a Trusted Local Service. Air Conditioner Review – A Value For Money?">Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Review – A Value For Money?. Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Furnace Systems. com - The First Choice in HVAC Supply! Search. Long-line – up to 250 feet (76. Check 2022 latest prices & reviews of different Day and Night models The reason for the range of prices is that each model is produced in units from 1. The XL16c is one of the most efficient on the market with 16. 5 ton: Up to 1,000 sf: $1900 - $2,635: $3,850 - $5,600: 2. Rheem / Ruud 3 Ton, 16 SEER RA1636AJ1N/RH1T3617ST Convertible Air. 5-ton $2800-2900 USD, and a 3-ton AC unit is approximately $2900-3300 USD. 10-year warranty on the outdoor coil. Enjoy reliable, money-saving cooling for your home with an impressive up to 16. 75 inches, while the height is 27 inches, and the width is 29. York 5 Ton 16 Seer LX Series Two-Stage Air Conditioning System is available to buy in increments of 1. Check 2022 latest prices & reviews of different American Standard models and avoid getting Ripped Trane makes an 18 SEER and 16. From central air units and air conditioner systems to PTACs and through-the-wall air conditioner units, find the suitable cooling method for your needs at The Furnace Outlet. So that means that a 2 ton AC unit will cool up to 1500 square feet. The TCHE 14 SEER with an efficiency range up to 16 has sound levels as low as 70 dBA. Please note that this air conditioning equipment comes pre-charged with R-410A liquid refrigerant and by Federal law cannot be released to the atmosphere. Equipment should be sized, selected and installed by a qualified professional to ensure proper installation, safe operation, adherence to federal, state and local codes and for valid warranty. 5 ton Lennox Elite XC16 air conditioner: $2,979. These units offer great efficiency, at relatively low cost. 5 Ton: 18,000 Btu: 900 sq ft: 2 Ton: 24,000 Btu: the average cost for a 3 ton, 16 SEER air conditioner is $411 per year. System includes: 5-Ton AC Condenser, 5-Ton Air Handler; View More Details; Air Conditioner Product Type: Whole House Unit: Amperage (A) 50 A: Appliance Category: A/Cs and Fans: BTU Cooling Rating (Btu/h) 56500: Color: Gray: 16 seer central air conditioners. 5 Ton 16 Seer 410A Variable Speed Air Handler and Condenser Unit Plenum-collars and dampers-drain pan-safety switch 15 kw heat 10 yrs warranty on parts 1 yr labor AC and Furnace Combo Prices; AC Unit Cost of 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 4 Ton and 5 Ton; AC Cost by Square Feet; Lennox AC Unit Prices; Carrier AC Unit Prices; Trane …. 5 – 5 ton ac unit? Central AC Unit Capacity Cooling Btu House Size; 1. Check out Expert's recommended alternatives for another top central air conditioner. The Best Day and Night AC Units. The ML14XC1 air conditioner is designed for smart energy use, and designed to last. This does not include installation. An average 5-ton air conditioner (with 10 EER rating) will run on 6,000 W. American Standard offers SEER ratings from 13 all the way up to 20 SEER. Still, the higher the SEER rating, the higher the cost. The initial cost difference is $1,555. This chart shows common SEER ratings with prices for units from 1. This Product Qualifies For FREE US Shipping. Lennox air conditioner prices are high, Top SEER Performance Unit Cost Range Installation Total Cost Range; Signature SL28XCV: 28: Variable: $7,370 - $9,395: $1,450 - $2,875: $8,820 - $14,425: AC Unit Cost of 2 Ton, 3 Ton, 4 Ton and 5 Ton; AC Cost by Square Feet; Lennox AC Unit Prices;. Before installing your air conditioner, Note: The above table is updated on Feb 1, 2023 and shows the average cost based on a Lennox 16 SEER AC Unit with a ECM Air Handler. Let’s calculate how much does air conditioning cost per month (running 8h per day): Low end: $14. With a 100-year reputation for quality, Bryant makes air conditioners that blend performance with comfort and value. 5 review(s) and Style Crest ranging from 2 tons to 5 tons. 4 SEER2 ACiQ Air Conditioner Condenser Model: R4A4S60AKANA Rating: 6 review (s) $2,775. com and explore our fast shipping options. Carrier is a brand name manufacturer of air conditioners in the US. Our ratings include 24 brands and. This includes labor and permit fees. $4,900 for a new air conditioner for a 1,000-square-foot home but $7,500 or more for a 5-ton unit designed to cool 3,000 square feet. See chart below for all SEER ratings and central AC costs. Goodman 3 Ton 16 Seer Air Conditioner GSX160371. Units are designed, engineered and assembled in the U. 5 Ton 15 Seer Heat Pump System with Multi Position Air Handler. Standard units are furnished with natural gas controls. 3 SEER2 Value Series Air Conditioner Condenser (Outdoor Unit Only) - Free Thermostat Included - GSXN406010. Features Earth-friendly R-410A refrigerant. Amana Air Conditioner ASX16 Series | 16 SEER | 2. I need a visit and a repair to my AC at 22093 Majestic Woods Way, Boca Raton, FL 33428. Air Handler – Optimized for use with R-410A refrigerant. Moreover, it is a perfect match for the cased coil that comes along making it the ideal performer for high efficiency in this system. Compare Central Air Conditioner Prices by Brands, Units, Sizes, Repair Costs, Installation, and High Efficiency Central AC Systems. Shipping cost, delivery date and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. If you have a really old air conditioning system, maybe rated around 8 or 9 SEER, a new, 16 SEER system will give you a significant boost in savings, efficiency, and comfort. Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner Price and Reviews. 5 Ton 16 Seer Air Conditioning System. It's a solid performer all the way around. ENERGY STAR® qualifying efficiency up to 17 SEER; 2 - 5 tons; R-410A; Two-stage compressor; 1-year Labor Limited Warranty* ENERGY STAR® qualifying efficiency up to 16 SEER; 1. Sound level as low as 74 dBA with accessory sound blanket. Share: Found a lower price? Let us know. If you choose to use window air conditioners to cool a 2000 square foot home, expect to need from 24,000 to 72,000 BTUs total based on how many rooms you want to cool. Add to Cart Wire fan discharge grille. Classic 5 Ton 16 SEER Condenser, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz: Gemaire Item …. Central air conditioner’s pricing varies based on two main factors, size (in BTUs or tons) and SEER ratings. Mitsubishi 12,000 BTU 1 TON Four Way Ceiling Cassette Single Zone Mini Split System - SEER 22 AC & Heat Pump Ductless Ceiling Recessed Cool & Heat DAIKIN 18,000 BTU 17 SEER Wall-Mounted Ductless Mini-Split A/C Heat Pump System with Maxwell Wall Mounting Bracket and 15' Installation Kit 230V. com - The First Choice in HVAC Supply! Base Unit of Measure Unit(S) Product Depth 32-1/4 IN. Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Package Air Conditioner GPC1436H41. Homeowners who want top quality and are willing to pay extra for it choose brands like Maytag, Carrier and Trane. With its powerful cooling capabilities and energy efficiency, the Goodman 3. Rugged and durable, the Silver Series meets or exceeds all standard efficiency requirements as part of your matched system. It is a series of tests that measure your knowledge and skills in various. Learn more about Goodman Manufacturing Air Conditioners today!. 5 SEER ACiQ Air Conditioner Condenser. Lennox EL16XC1 Air Conditioner Review & Price. 2 SEER2) ENERGY STAR® Certified. 2 SEER2 Air Conditioner - XR16 Air Conditioner - Trane®. Prices (unit only) starting from: $1345. If You Ever Find Better Call Us 8882860211 And We Will Beat It. Buy your variable capacity air conditioner on LennoxPros, HVAC professionals can shop this Elite unit online at Pros. Here’s what to consider before choosing a unit. This product listing consists of the Goodman 5 ton 18 SEER Air Conditioner ONLY. Other brands - such as Goodman - offer better warranties. 5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner Model: GSX160421 is the perfect choice for keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. The A/C unit goes hand-in-hand with the efficiency goals of the system, and in order to have become a part of the system, the unit would have to bring in some of its own features. 14 SEER, $4000-$5500, $4750-$6250, $5000-$6500, $5750-$7250. A quiet, efficient central ac unit can be an ideal solution. Two-stage cooling to reduce temperature swings. 1 How to Secure Your New York Warranty; York air conditioning units have noise levels that reach a maximum of between 53 and 74. 2 SEER2 Two Stage Air Conditioner GSXH506010 and 120,000 BTU 96% AFUE Multi-Speed Gas Furnace GM9C961205DN …. The price of a Goodman air conditioner ranges from $3,188 to $4,275 in installation costs. 5) but not as high as the 20 SEER of the better model. Coleman, Commercial, HVAC Equipment. On average, a new ac unit cost will fall between $3,300 and $7,800. 2: What size generator to run 1-5 ton ac unit? Central AC Unit Size (Ton) Generator Size (kW) 1 ton: 4 kW: 1. Introducing the Goodman 5 Ton 14 Seer Package Heat Pump GPH1460H41. 0 Ton: SEER: 16: Cooling Btu: 60,000: Cooling Stage(s) 1: Compressor Stage: Single: Voltage: 208/230V: Electrical Phase(s) 1-Phase: Decibel Level (dB) 74: Blower: …. Most residential air-conditioning units contain the standard R-22 refrigerant, or freon. 5-ton 13 SEER split system installation with no changes or modifications to the surrounding. 00 5 Ton 14 SEER ACiQ Air Conditioner Condenser Model: R4A460GK. However, these prices do not include an air handler or furnace installed inside the home. Each model is produced in a range from 1. Heil: 16 seer (2 stage compressor) = $7494; 16 seer (single stage compressor) = $5463; 14 seer = $4780. Air Conditioning Condensing Unit, 23. Cooling Capacity BTU 18000 Btu/H. 40 SEER2, 208-230 VAC 1 Ph 60Hz Single-Stage Air Conditioner. FREE delivery Aug 11 Goodman 5 Ton 14. Ductwork replacement costs $1,400 to $5,600, while installing new ductwork costs $2,400 to $6,600. Cooling efficiency of up to 22. Carrier® Comfort™ – 5 Ton 16 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condensing Unit. Free Shipping Low Price Guarantee Required Options: Outdoor Unit This item is NOT a Heat Pump Heater None 5 Kw + $129. Finally, the condenser is compatible with Trane CleanEffects™ as well, giving your home cleaner and comfier air flowing. Comfortmaker AC Prices and Tempstar AC Prices. With this unit, ACiQ offers a high-quality solution for almost any AC application. When looking at central air conditioners, the price is one of the biggest influencers. 4 out of 5 COSTWAY 9000BTU Split Air Conditioner & Heater, 17 SEER2 208V-230V Energy Efficient Wall Mount AC Unit w/Heat Pump, Inverter System, Remote …. 5 Ton 16 SEER Goodman Air Conditioner Split System. New Ducane (by Lennox International) 3. These are AC and cooling just units, and the SEER evaluations, depending on the unit being combined with the right evaporator coils and air controller. Energy efficiency (SEER rating). All-aluminum Micro-Channel coil for greater corrosion resistance, maximum air flow and efficient heat transfer. York 5 Ton 16 Seer LX Series Two. 2 EER (105A) 14 SEER/11 EER (114C) 13 SEER/11 EER (113A and 113ANC) ENERGY STAR Meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for high efficiency in all models/sizes (106A and 116B only) SOUND Quiet levels During most common cooling operating condition: 72 dB. American Standard Silver SI Gas/Electric System. Step 3 – Current AC SEER Rating: Select your current AC SEER rating. For too long, local dealers have charged whatever. 5-ton unit for a home of around 1,000 square feet, or a 4-ton system for a home of about 2,500 square feet. 2 SEER rating still qualifies it as an Energy Star product and it might be eligible for. Then you will get a right-sized central air conditioner ranging from 1. The store will not work correctly in the case 5 Ton 14 SEER Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser; SKU: GSX140601: Weight (in lbs) 314. 0 Ton: SEER: 16: Cooling Btu: 60,000: Cooling Stage(s) 1: Compressor Stage: Single: Voltage: 208/230V: Electrical Phase(s) 1-Phase: Decibel Level (dB) 74: Blower: Multi-Speed: Maximum CFM: 1,800. Efficiency: SEER ratings range from 13 to 16 from most brands. The Bosch 20 seer is about $4,000 more for a 4-5 ton unit. Is a 16-Seer A/C worth the extra money over 13-Seer? Quotes for new air conditioner came back at $4,700 for a 4-Ton 13-Seer unit, and $5,600 for a 4-Ton 16-Seer unit. This efficient heat pump is perfect for those who want to save money on their energy bills. 80 SEER2, 208-230 VAC 1 Ph 60Hz Variable Capacity Air. Such a 5-ton air conditioner will use 25 Amps at 240V. SKU: 50XR16S8X14TXC Category: AC. Carrier Packaged Unit Price List. Visit the Goodman Store Goodman: Capacity: 2. 5 ton air conditioner which would cost around $3,795 to install. The GSX160481 AC-only condenser is 4 tons, normally enough to cover up to a larger house. A heating and cooling expert will consider the size of your home, quality of insulation, and desired energy efficiency, among other things, to generate a quote. Central Air Conditioners 16 SEER Cost. How Much Does a Rheem AC Unit Cost? (2023 Guide). *Price may vary based on financing programs. The GSX160371 AC-only condenser is 3 tons, normally enough to cover up to a medium-sized house. totally worthy is an energy efficiency rating for air conditioners. Anything 16 SEER or higher is considered good, with 18 to 20 SEER being great and 21+ SEER excellent. QuietComfort® 16 Packaged Air Conditioner. American Standard and Trane are identical with one exception – Trane makes an 18 SEER and 16. Scroll compressor – uses 70% fewer moving parts for higher efficiency and increased reliability. The others are OK for cool climates and part-time locations like a guest apartment or cottage. 5 Ton Up / Down Cased Coil with 21" Cabinet. Heat Pump Dimensions: 35 1/2 W x 35 1/2 D x 34 5/8 H. We are an authorized Amana Dealer in Toronto & GTA Area. Note – Other exterior factors can also …. Residential Geothermal Units; Geothermal Accessories; Special Price $211. However, there are different types of tons, depending on the country. So, no matter where you live or whether your home is small or large. This cost range includes ac condenser replacement, evaporator coil, condenser pad. Thermostat: The thermostat must be matched to the performance of the air conditioner: single-stage, two-stage or variable capacity. Performance™ 17 2-Stage Air Conditioner. A 2000 square foot home needs an air conditioner between 2. Factors like air conditioner type, size, ductwork, and local contractor fees will impact the cost of a new AC unit. 14 per kilowatt hour and the AC runs 2100 hours per season you would save $661 per year. 4 ton Carrier Infinity 50XL AC packaged unit: $4,329. How Much Should a New Air Conditioning Unit Cost?. This system can be configured to run in horizontal, upflow, or downflow. ) The Rheem RA16 Series Air Conditioner condenser combined with the RH1P Air Handler offers the significant technology and energy-saving performance you’ve come to expect from Rheem. Adding central air conditioning to an existing forced-air heating system in a 2,000-square-foot house averages $3,500-$4,000, and can be done by two technicians in 2-3 days, with little or no …. 00 Air Conditioner Product Type: Whole House Unit: Amperage (A) 30 A: Appliance Category: A/Cs and Fans: BTU Cooling Rating (Btu/h) 33000: Local store prices may vary from those displayed. 000000: Brand/Manufacturer: ACiQ:. The savings breakdown looks like this: $37. 5 SEER Rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). With efficiency ratings of up to 17. These units are usually referred to as gas packs. For a standard efficiency air conditioner of SEER 16 such as the Ruud Achiever RA16 model you could expect to pay around $3,845 in installation costs or $1,275 for the AC unit only. Payne Central Air Conditioner Reviews And Prices 2022. That’s because Goodman lives up to its name in a big way, with time-tested energy-efficient technology, highly durable materials and spot-on manufacturing. Both brands are owned by Ingersoll-Rand. However, instead of moving blood through a human body, the AC compressor moves refrigerant. In just about seven months, Apple appears to have completely upended the wireless headphone market. 2023 AC Unit Cost: A Complete Price Guide. High-quality components assure a high level of reliability, even under the harshest outdoor conditions. American Standard; Goodman; Guardian;. The Goodman 5 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner bundle is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and energy …. Mobile Home Air Conditioning Units. 3-5 Ton: 3-5 Ton: 16 SEER: Packaged Heat Pump Model Description 1-Phase Capacity 3-Phase Capacitry Efficiency; 4WCC4: 024, 030, 036, 042, 048, 060 and even monitor safe and efficient rental solutions. With its 16 SEER rating, the GSZ will help reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the …. Searching for a guide to Carrier air conditioner prices? If so, click here. Working as part of your home HVAC system, the XR16 home air conditioning unit comes with the . This unit maintains ENERGY STAR efficiency standards, which helps deliver premium home comfort while reducing utility costs. Sit back and take in the quiet comfort of an Heil® air conditioner. This unit contains the two-stage, high efficiency …. Amana has always set its goals at superior comfort at a high efficiency, all the while balancing the unit’s cost. Precision temperature and quiet operation provided by variable speed blower motor. Below are the average costs of central AC units based on SEER rating, including installation. An 18 SEER, 18,000 BTU air conditioner consumes 18,000/18 = 1,000 watts/hour = 1kw/hour. Choosing the right air conditioning unit is extremely important, especially if you live in an area that gets really hot during the summer months or if it’s hot all year round. A 16 SEER AC runs from $3,700 to $9,000 to install. 0 SEER; 4AC13L 13 SEER Efficiency Rating; Single-Stage Compressor; 13. 16" x 20" Liquid Line: 3/8" Suction …. 00 usd and the installation with permit 55 Electrical 250 and installation during a peak period was 1100usd included copper tubing. Achiever Series: Single Stage (RA16). The monthly savings are negligible between 18. Fully charged for up to 15’ of line set. Day & Night Air Conditioner Reviews: (AC Price Guide 2022). The Silver 15 Low Profile Air Conditioner is designed to fit in small spaces but guarantees powerful cooling output. GSX160311 Goodman Air Conditioner, 2. COOLING EFFICIENCY: Up to 16 SEER2. AirQuest offers a 10 year parts warranty on its condensers. 3 ton Daikin DX16SA air conditioner: $2,400. What is the best AC (best price) if I need to have it replaced. You save about 7% per 1 SEER on electricity costs. 5 to 5 tons; For the average 2. It has five stages of operation between 25 and ….